How to make Link text Underlined only in Post Body


Earlier I have requested here to make my Link text underlined and someone helped me. Thanks for that. But my problem was, Link text become underlined in every link including widgets and all. I want only the link of post body to be underlined.

My blog is Droidphoria which contain several widget like custom cloud Levels, Download buttons (check here how my Download Button is) and I don’t want these widgets and buttons get affected if make Link text underlined using CSS.

Please help. @Nafees @Shivansh @Mohammad @vector


before proceeding take template backup… i dont know this will work now search for .post-body td a:hover{color:#cf4d35;} and replace it with .post-body td a:hover{color:#cf4d35;text-decoration:underline;} ans see working or not…