How to make certain widgets only visible for the admin?


Hello guys!

I have prepared a widget for myself actually this can be a to do widget so I want that whenever I (admin) visit my blog it should be visible to only me when some other visits it shan’t! Is it possible in blogger?? I want it because I often visit my Blog and the to do list will be in front of my eyes. Can it be done with conditional tags?? I think I actually know how to do it but I don’t know where to start!

Update :- Problem Solved!

Update 2 :- Not solved, The solution didn’t work!


~Nafees Khan


hello @Nafees You Can Do This Easily By Using Conditional Tags just Follow Steps Shown On This Blog-

sorry I am not giving the link to keep clean this forum!! :smile:


This is not working that is why updated the topic second time :frowning:


Now You Should Ask @Mohammad About This Maybe He Can Tell You About It :smile:

Good Luck For Your Blog :smile:


Thanx brother! I think someone may have the solution


Place the widget you want to hide for other users and tell me its ID. :smile:


Html 8 is the ID of that widget and the widget is the update one on the top of post-wrapper


Try to place this code:

<span class='item-control blog-admin'>
<div id="14">
[update headline="Update!"]Skull Candy Headphones giveaway coming soon! Stay tuned for more updates on this topic also subscribe [/update]</div>


didn’t work is it because of conditional tags which i place above?


try the solution which I replied through comment.


@Nafees brother, I don’t think their is a trick to completely hide widgets for visitors except admin on blogger because any one can see the widget by disabling display:none using Inspect Element.


Get the solution of hiding widget for admin here