How to make blogger as a source for side income?


Hello guys!

few days ago I was not having a job so I decided to earn from blogging but It was not as easy or fast to earn and luckily I got my Job Before my blog is 1 month old. MY pay is only 12K INR and I live in mumbai so it is kinda hard to live over here in this amount.

So, I decided not to give up on blogging and make it as my side income source!

So guys I want some Ideas from you like on which platform I will get easy approval of ads (Something like infolinks,Qadabra) who pays a better amount also if some affiliate programs.

Any Ideas Appreciated!

Thanx ~ Nafees


Firstly, you have to make your blog popular and then, Adsense is the best choice. If your blog is popular, then you can earn with any ads provider like Adsense, Buy Sell Ads, Infolink but its my advise, don’t ever use infolinks because It only irritates readers and force them to get away from your blog (because of pop ups).


Any Affiliate marketing sources ??? :grin: :sweat_smile:


I think, you should check this link:

:link: Top 12 Best PPC (Pay Per Click) Publisher Ad Networks - 2015

But I think, first make your blog popular and then try applying for ads providers. Because without traffic, you can’t make even a coin.