How to make a TAB that opens the CHAT Option in Blogger


Hello, I have added a Chat feature on my Blog. I want to create a “New Tab” which should appear on the top side of blog, with other Tabs, with the name “Ask the Expert”, and when one clicks it, the Chat should open. How to do that?

The chat is already appearing in the Lower Right of the page and minimined. I want that click on that particular tab to Open The Chat.


please give me the link of your site/blog…


Its is -> and

I want the chat to Open/Maximize when we click on “Ask The Expert” Tab.


will be waiting eagerly for the solution !


Also i have received an assistantance from the chat support ->

use api “MyLiveChat.InlineChatDoExpand()” to open the chat window by your own link or button, like below.

“< a href=”#” onclick=” MyLiveChat.InlineChatDoExpand()”>open chat”

how to link this with ASK THE EXPERT TAB directly??


bro i tried but i failed coz its go me to Popup Window… When I Create a Link By This Name… :slightly_smiling:


alternatively you can try this service