How to Index a "Not Indexed" Domain in Google?


Hi, I have a Domain that is currently Not Index in Google. I check the indexing like this - site: my . Currently It doesn’t display my Domain or any webpages. So I want to know, How can I index my Domain to display the Domain in Google using site:my

Does it indicate that my Domain is penlized by Google? Or Is there any wrong setting in Google Webmaster so that Google is not able to crawl my Doamin?

Thank You.


Please enter, your URL. No one give you perfect answer…unless somebody check your robots.txt, X robots tags and sitemaps.


@Arjunsinh_Chauhan Mentioned some valid questions. Please share your URL first

Domains are automatically added in Web index even if you don’t submit them to Google webmasters account and unless you have not blocked robots in your robots.txt file or X Robots Tags. Search engines are continuously indexing the web and they automatically add new sites to their index.

Self submission of domains only speeds up that process


@Mohammad , Your reply is looks like professional reply and mine was simple and sexy :smile:

Google does not index your site, if you are not using a Google product or Some CMS like WordPress, they have some plugins that automatically ping your website to Google.

I am using jekyll in my website. Unless, I don’t submit my site, into Google, they does not index me, Reason was so simple, they can’t crawl my site from anywhere, because I did not submitted my sitemap, Also mine site link is not shared any other.

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Thank You @Arjunsinh_Chauhan and @Mohammad. I bought a Domain from Flippa that was Indexed that’s why I was asking the way to index the domain. I am very Sorry I can’t share the Domain .