How to increases size of page number navigation and improve it


Friends please say how to increase size of page number navigation and my one more question please say when i am open my blog some times it shows home and older post link but my have page number navigation please help meโ€ฆ please help me and thank you. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: please help mohammd sir and etc.



Would you mind to give us a link back of your blog, it will help us to sort out the error.

Hereโ€™s what happens when a browser loads a website:

  1. Fetch the HTML page (e.g. index.html)
  2. Begin parsing the HTML
  3. The parser encounters a <script> tag referencing an external script file.
  4. The browser requests the script file. Meanwhile, the parser blocks and stops parsing the other HTML on your page.
  5. After some time the script is downloaded and subsequently executed.
  6. The parser continues parsing the rest of the HTML document.

Step 4 causes a bad user experience. Your website basically stops loading until youโ€™ve downloaded all scripts. If thereโ€™s one thing that users hate itโ€™s waiting for a website to load.

Solution for second question The old approach to solve this problem was to put <script> tags at the bottom of your , because this ensures the parser isnโ€™t blocked until the very end. Your numbered navigation script may be hosted on external source, thatโ€™s why for 2 or 3 seconds it will show previous/ next button and that will be hide when script is loaded, you just need to place the navigation script before closing body tag in your blogger template or you can also put navigation script before closing head tag.

The current web state is to put scripts in the <head> tag and use the async or defer attributes. This allows your scripts to be downloaded asap without blocking your browser.

I hope the above tips will help you, have questions regarding to the above answers please let me know.