How to increase security of blog using 'Google Blogger'


Assalam O Alaikum! I have been facing a problem since long, that is related to security of my blog, whenever i checked the security of my blog it says you scored 0 out of 10. I checked it from many different testing-provider sites but result is same. when i google this issue i found i can not get “https URL scheme” with custom domain. Is there any way i can increase security of my blog. Highly Thanks in advance.


Blogger already secure no need to increase security of blogger


I agree that you know well but there are so many plugins and tools are available for WordPress but what about Blogger. not even a single way ?


@flyraed My blog url is www_rankandrating_com (underscores will be replaced with dot as i couldn’t put link being a new user) but it seems quite unsafe as anyone can copy content, can post any link in my comment section etc . Am i wrong?


I know WordPress have lots more plugin but you have pay the price for that and in blogger your are hosing domain as well as sub-domain in blogger freely for lifetime

Tell me what plugin you want for blogger there is lots of widget available for blogger


Right Bro but I does not add rel=“nofollow” in comment section so that no one can get backlink from your website Add DMCA in your website so that you claim whenever whoever copy your content


@_Ayesha, I would like to tell you that your blogger blog is hosted on Blogger and as you know, under Google’s security and so, it’s more secure than WordPress blogs.

Why Some Tools Are Saying That Your Blog Isn’t Secure?

It’s because of SSL Certificate. It is true that you can’t do anything for SSL certificate currently in Blogger platform but within a couple of days or months, Blogger team is going to make it available for Custom Domain also (it’s already available for .blogspot domains).

There Are Thousands Of Plugins For WordPress But Not Even One For Blogger?

This is true that we can do anything on WordPress using plugins without the knowledge of coding but in blogger, we can’t even add a widget without the knowledge of coding (basic) except some ready Google widgets. But we can add any widget as plugins in Blogger if they are not made of PHP. We can use JavaScript, jQuery and HTML and CSS for creating awesome widgets. Do you know? I have created awesome plugins on even Blogger with the help of CSS & JavaScript. (more awesome than of WordPress).

Anyone Can Post Links On Comment

For that, there is only one solution- keep Moderation ON and keep moderating.

Someone Can Copy My Hard Work. What Should I Do?

What you can do is:

  • Add DMCA badge and register your site their.
  • Disable selection in post area (can irritate your viewers).
  • Use auto-copyrights adding scripts.
  • Disable right click on your blog.
  • Add watermarks on every image of your blog on posts.

@flyraed- You are not required to add any rel='nofollow' in Blogger comments or even on Disqus comments because the links on these commenting system are already nofollowed.