How to increase page views of my new blog?


Hey Brothers . i m new here. Kindly give me some tips. i recently came to know about blogging. But i cannot get awesome results as i have published my blog 15 days ago. It pops up firstly but later its pageviews are decreasing day by day :frowning: Please help me. Also tell me the softwares or things which i have to gripped before blogging


I fed up doing same things and tips again and again. Give me some wondering and beginning tips please @Mohammad @Rohan . I tried all but could not get results. i created blog 15 days ago but got only 2200 pageviews from . etc and now my blogs traffic is decreasing rapidly :’( . I want encouraging traffic :’(


Hi @Anas_Mughal, You need to be very specific with your questions or else Blogging is a vast thing to explain.

Since your blog is new, keep on posting content and your traffic will naturally increase. 2,200 traffic for a new blog coming from Google plus in just 15 days is just fine. You do not need to worry about traffic.

The traffic will just grow naturally as your blog gets older and get enough back links, ranks, etc. There is a Google’s sandbox algorithm which prevents new blogs from getting higher on google. Although the existence of this algorithm was never mentioned by the Google team openly. But it is believed by many experts that sandbox algorithm does exists.

All you need to do is keep writing useful content and promote it. Hope this helps.

~ Rohan.


Firstly @Rohan one more thing i want to know . I got my ads account approved on infolinks and clicksor so they put ads on my blog . Tell me either it is harmful for my blog or not as my blog is quite new .

Secondly Aww @Rohan unexpectedly when i started blogging 2 weeks ago i did’nt have enough knowledge about blogging, blogs and posts so due to lack of information i thought to learn the website blogger and writes its introduction in a blog named as “Blogger An Introduction” but due to you people’s posts and other research i came to knew that i have to write much number of posts to be successful on blogging but it is difficult to write much on “Blogger An Introduction” so what is your advice should i skip that blog and start creating a new blog on which i can write much ?

Lastly @Rohan i want to ask that to learn HTML language is much necessary for blogging? There are different researchers and experts who have given tips to change blogger’s template, adds robots.txt, custom robots and header tags to increase traffic tell me that i have to do customization on template and robots.txt or i have to keep these settings default as i dnt know much about these settings. Replies of other experts also had a great importance for me :stuck_out_tongue: @Rabbi @Shivansh @ishwagiri @Mohammad


Infolinks are bad if you aim to provide good user experience. But if you want to monetize your blog its fine. If you provide quality and unique content visitors would not run away no matter how bad user experience is.

There is always a scope to change your blog name in case you have something really nice to come up with. Constantly changing the niche might leave you and your readers confused. Find a niche and then stick to it.

No if you want to customize something all you need is basic HTML knowledge. But without customization too you can rule the game. You can take my blog as an example. I don’t tweak or customize my template much, still it gets indexed and its just fine.

All the best. I wish you lots of success in blogging as you are just starting your blogging journey. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan.


Give me some URL’s of blogs which have interesting layout and are quite understandable and i can make my blog like them, any blog either it is yours or your friend. @Rohan . Thanks a lot for wishing me best :blush: , had a friendly experience on respective forum . I think so internet world is much interesting than ordinary world :blush: tell me how is that if i took a topic like “Current Affairs of Country” and then express information and my views on that affairs? And then i have a lot of daily posts on current affairs what do u think ?


You can click on the avatars attached with our answers. That will take you to the members profile page where you can find their blog links. Almost all the active members have their profiles completed so you can check that out.

Oh no… You need to have interesting people to make your world interesting. I believe both worlds are real and both have goodness in them. All we need is to notice it. :slight_smile:

It is always better to write on niche you are expert in or topics which you are passionate about. Writing about trending topics can give you good traffic. In my opinion, if you think you can write well about current affairs so you need to get started with it. Good luck. :slight_smile:

P.S. Explore the forum and you will find many topics related to the niche selection.


2200 Pageviews for first 15 days is not great but awesome! :thumbsup:

Rarely do people receive so much traffic during the initial launch of a site. It takes a month for google to properly interpret your site content and add it to the web index and rank it well.

Never expect results with an initial 15 days, you must dedicate at least 6 months before you could start expecting a lucrative income online. Billion of Posts are publishes on daily basis and internet is too over crowded, you need to keep publishing Quality content to rank higher. All you need to do is to start working on your Content Writing Skills and SEO. Start small but think big. Read tutorials on mbt to better understand customizing your template. Create a professional looking template, add updated and unique content to it and keep optimizing it.

Please read these tutorials to better understand how important are skills:

:link: What skills are required by a professional blogger?

Patience, dedication and setting a long term goal is all that counts online! :innocent:


Aww @Rohan thanks for ur comments :blush: yeah you are right interesting people make our world and lives interesting, places doesn’t matter, caring guys matter. Yeah i will start my new blog on current affairs soon. Seriously its a great platform for such discussions. Thanks all brothers. Soon i will create a new blog and take it to you people for recommendations :blush: hope for the best. Anas Mughal


Yeah this forum is amazing. All thanks to @Mohammad. :smiley: Once again, all the best! :slight_smile:


@Rohan One more thing what should be the schedule of my postings on blog either i will have to post daily or weekly what is good?


Yeah great thanks to @Mohammad :blush: who gave us such an awesome platform for discussions.


If you write informative posts its better to write weekly so you get time to promote them extensively throughout the week. But since you are going to write about the current affairs you might have to update your blog frequently so that you cover all the trending topics. Its upon you to decide which timings and days suits best for you.


Thanks @Mohammad for your such a gracious comment :blush: i will try my best and first of all i have to work a lot on my impatience :stuck_out_tongue: Which do not let me to do work with full concentration and wants quick results :slight_smile: yeah i will work according to your recommendations hope for the best. :slight_smile:


Hmm obviously i will schedule my timings. Thanks


I think scheduling a post is not good because if you schedule a post, it not get shared to Google+, Facebook or Twitter automatically. I think it is important that a post should shared across all social pages (sites) to get better rank in search engines because I admired that when post get huge number of pageviews in minutes, it get indexed in Google within minutes because my blog is just 2 months old and one of my post got huge pageviews in minutes and it got indexed in minutes!

But it is good if you use automatic posting services like Twitter Feed or but they never post to Google+.


Hi @Vector, Nice to meet you. I think our opinions differ. Do you really think automated social media shares attracts readers and this strategy will work for any type of niche?


Never. But it doesn’t work very bad if you don’t have time to open all your social accounts.


Hello @Anas_Mughal, congratulations for starting a new blog. I think driving traffic to a blog is not a mahor thing, The real thing is to build loyal following. You can drive traffics, from backlinks or some others bots, which are being shared on every next website, these days. But what will you do with those hits/views. You’ll not have anyone to folow you, you’ll not have any recognization in your niche, which will only categorize your blog as non-authoritative.

I always tell this thing to all my blog readers and bloggers who ask me for advice. And here also on this amazing forum, I want to tell this real truth of blogging to you.

So, here I can guide you about how you can build a loyal following. But before that I want to share you a post, which helped me a lot in my initial stage of blogging, I learnt lots of things from this single post.

7 Ways to Fascinate Your Readers and Build a Hugely Loyal Following

I hope it will help you too.

I can give you more tips later on, you can contact me via PM, or just simply drop me line at .

Till then, work on the tips provided you in this topic


Buddy don’t you think so good titles are always taken so if we don’t choose good titles as well as those which are already taken then how can we attract readers towards our blog???