How To Increase Page Views of My Blog?


Hello My Site is ngtechzone and i have created 57 posts in it but i am getting only 100 pageviews per day i have also followed many seo tricks but it is still not increasing. Can Anyone Suggest Me What Can I Do To Increase My Pageviews. Please Help


Hmm. you said that you followed many seo tricks. But I found many wrong and duplicate things on your template.

  1. Your template have three duplicate description meta tag.
  2. You template have three fontawesome link. One will work just fine.
  3. You have not edited twitter meta tags which are:



You have to replace @author_handle and @publisher_handle with you twitter username. If you have created a different account for your blog on twitter, Place its username on publisher_handle and your username on auhor_handle.

3.You have not edited Google+ meta tags also which are:

<link href='[Google+_Profile]/posts' rel='author'/>
<link href='[Google+_Page_Profile]' rel='publisher'/>

4.And your template seems very very big. Try to compress it. If you wanna learn how to compress templates, learn here.

5.You have more than 60 waste labels on your site. Try to organize them wisely. Like you have 2 labels of Android 5.0. Try to make it under a label ‘Android’.

  • Your blog name is not good. Some months ago, Mohammad told some useful tips for my blog. You have to make your blog’s title meaningful and attractive.

Hope It Will Help You.


Hi @ngtechzone, Your question is similar to what we have discussed before in other Forum topics. Increasing page views will definitely require to increase your blog traffic. I suggest you to read all the previous Posts/Topics on this Forum, there are many tips which we have discussed before.

Here is a quick list:

  1. Write about trending topics.
  2. Have a strong social media presence. (This works for me!).
  3. Ensure that all your posts are of highest quality. It is better to have less posts on the blog than having low quality posts.
  4. Make sure you are focusing on internal linking.
  5. Show recommended posts at the end of every blog posts and on the sidebar you can display recent posts and popular posts.
  6. I am myself working on providing content upgrades for the subscribers. You can also try that.

We have already reviewed your blog and provided you our suggestions. Its completely your choice to work on that or not.

Here are some more tips to get your blog a bit more popular: :link: [3 Reasons My Blog Outplayed Even Without a Custom Domain.][1]

I hope this helps.

~ Rohan Chaubey.

P.S. I hardly share links but I feel the one which I have shared in this post can help you. [1]:


@ngtechzone You need to follow the thing which described by @Rohan , This topic is already discussed many more times in this forum . Try to ask something new .

Your blog does’t contain anything new , Try to make Unique post’s , Otherwise your blog traffic not going to increase .

  • Your blog contain different category contents , Games , Technical , Etc . Try to make one categorized blog .
  • Try to buy a Domain which related to your contents . Example if your blog is related to gaming then register a domain like and park to your blog . That will make your Blog Post’s automatically ranked on Google Search Engine .
  • Too many contents on the home page , Try to remove the overloaded contents and make your site faster .
  • Blogpost does’t contain H1 H2 H3 Tags , Try to make your Blog Post much better in looking . Google new SEO algorithm check weather following contents is included on the pages .

I hope all the above content helped you …


@Shivansh, @Rohan and @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC have given you many tips. So I don’t want to confuse you with giving more. Just focus on these tips first, then you can ask for more help in the forum.

But I still want to elaborate more on

What are the problems with Multi Niche Blog?

  • SEO of your multiple-niche blog will be tough.
  • Making money from your blog will be tough.
  • Getting readers and followers will be tough.

@Shivansh once had a ‘PFCI Tech!’ blog, it was also a multi niche blog. But Shivansh didn’t get success on that blog and deleted it.

But yeah its not that much easy to say, that you can’t succeed on your blog. We can have a seperate discussion on it under a different topic.

Single niche and Multi niche blogs. Which one is better

Hi @NamanKumar, I totally agree with you that SEO of a multi-niche blog is difficult. I have no clue about money making as I am not a money blogger so I won’t comment on that. But yeah… talking about followers and readers, I have a multi-niche blog and there is no dearth of readers. And my blog is growing and improving. It depends upon how one handles (creates content) and promotes it.



Just ask the following questions to yourself:

  • What are the reasons, that make you subscribe a blog?
  • If you have interest in a topic like “Latest Games”, what kind of blog you will subscribe to and ready daily? A blog which is dedicated to games or a blog which talks about games, blogging, earning money, computers and so on?
  • If you subscribe a blog which talks about games and suddenly it starts writing about BuySellAds, will you still be subscribed to that blog or will you un-subscribe to that blog?

Hope you’ll get the answer. We can discuss futher on this point under the new topic I created, for Single niche VS Multi niche Blogs.


hello there , Sorry for the inconvenience , im newbie here and I don’t see a button to post the topic, please let me know what do I need?


Follow the steps given above, it will definitely help you


Salam. I have been blogging for 3 months… I wanna know how much articles should be posted per day.? How much average pageviews are good per day? Custom domain is necessary for google adsense? @NamanKumar


Number Of Articles

One Unique and Quality Post are better than the 7 you will post in a week. In Blogging Quality matters more than quantity. So even if you are posting 3-4 Unique and Thorough Posts a week, it’s okay.

Page Views

Page views? Your Blog is still new as you created it three months ago. 1K+ Page views a day would be good. But if you are getting less, then you should not be worried. You should just pay more attention to SEO and create quality posts. And try linking out with other people in your community. It will help.

Custom Domain

Custom Domain is not necessary for Google Adsense as blogs like Helplogger have domain and have verified Adsense Account. But it is easy to get approved by Adsense if you have a Custom Domain.


SALAM… I just read about you on blogger forums… U from Pakistan? I need some help…Bro will you plz checkout my blog dailybeepers.blogspot & as it seems you have experience in this field so plz point out any error or fault in it in accordance to physical/basic appearence & adsense approval policy… I hope you will help…


Thanks for your help…still some confusions…


These are the faults/errors I found in physical appearance:

  • Reduce the size of your logo so that the Logo and Header Ad Banner come in-line.

  • Write about Yourself or your Blog in the about widget present below the post and add a link to your About Page.

  • Fix the Broken links in your blog. Many links contain # Tag and point to nothing.

  • Increase your blog’s load speed for mobile. Google now ranks faster web pages higher in mobile search.

And to get your blog approved by Adsense, You need to do the following things:

  • Write a thorough post that contains much information and the one that readers are able to understand.

  • Your short write posts. Nowadays most of the pages ranked top on Google contain more than 2000 words. (Research before you write a post and gather information from other sites before writing a post.)

  • Remove your grammar mistakes. You are making many grammatical errors.


And as for the Custom Domain

I will suggest you to buy a Custom Domain. You can get Adsense approved even without it but If you want to turn your blog into a brand and gain more users switch to a Custom Domain.


Hey Guys,

Here to much thread and It is a help me a lot to solve my blogging problems. Thanks to everyone.


add internal links in your blog. syndicate it in social media sites :slight_smile:


I have similar issues, i have bought a custom domain name.