How to increase organic traffic on blog?


Hey, i’ve been working on my blog since June and been barely getting any organic traffic (100 organic views per week) although all content I write is my own and template is SEO friendly. Can anyone let me know what i’m doing wrong or should do to increase organic traffic?



You can make your post with keywords suggestions. at least 300 words with external links in post,


@Zeeman_Memon, actually everyday, millions of blogs are being created. These days, to get success, you can’t depend on Blogger. Go on WordPress instead. I am not joking. WordPress offers wonderful plugins that can help you to make your every post SEO optimized.

Well, I am not saying that you can’t get success with Blogger but then, you will need to do very hard work, post unique things and advertisement is also required. Without advertisement and backlinks you can’t even touch 300+ pageviews per day if you are on Blogger (not impossible).

So, I think you have got your answer.


Then why still big bloggers like @Mohammad and you prefer blogger?


Firstly, I’m not a big blogger. Secondly, it is true that I had preferred you to use Blogger instead of WordPress but now I have admired that how WordPress is better than Blogger.

Now, not only I but @Mohammad also have said that if MBT had got created in this year and at this time, there would be very difficulties that @mohammad had to face to get success. I have seen some excellent writers, posting very wealthy content and frequently, with SEO optimized template, responsive template, with proper using of Labels, but they are at the bottom or above 100-1500 pageviews. Nowadays, SEO is advanced. We need some plugins like Yoast to become successful. I know that if you notice the things that Yoast do, you can do them manually in Blogger (most of them) like, Post Title should be of 62 chars, it should (words) be on headings, and keyword density should be 2%-2.5%. But, some things like adding Keywords (although, it’s not a ranking factor in Google now), you can’t add them in Blogger. You can’t publish a post with your permalink (without dates), you can’t invite peoples and force them to save their post in draft, and you can’t set it to add review stars in search engines with your dashboard only.

There are also more things you can’t do with Blogger, but you can, with WordPress.

What Features Can Help You On WordPress?

  • Keywords For Posts
  • Easy Support By Plugins By Sites Like GetSiteControl or AddThis
  • You Can Write A SEO Optimized Post Without Knowing Much About SEO
  • You Can Add Must-Have Widgets Without Copy-Pasting. Must-have widgets=attraction=success.

And there are some more things on WordPress that can help you to grow your blog faster.

There are already millions of Blogs in Google Blogger’s blog-o-sphere that are empty and are with the .blogspot domain. Now, any viewer hardly trusts any new blog with Blogspot domain because there are millions of spammy blogs and empty blogs with the .blogspot domain. (it is written two times :p)

  1. You can’t get trust of users if your blog is new and is with Blogspot domain [you can admire it. Take out a paper and write all the blogs you have trust on. You will see that most of the blogs you will write are with custom domain and on WordPress (more than blogger blogs)].

Do you know? Self-hosted blogs (WordPress) are more respected than Blogger ones because Blogger is free and WordPress is not free. If, one is serious about blogging, then only he would invest in WordPress and so, trust came!

So…now you can’t go easily with Blogger.

And, we are going off-topic. Let’s continue in any other place. :kissing:

[Discussion] Why Do Some Experienced Bloggers Still Prefer WordPress Over Blogger?

:sweatsmile: So when you are shifting? And lets create a discussion on the same.


No. I’m not shifting. I will shift when I will get my own credit card (-18 :sob:). Yeah. I would love to add some things on it. :smile:


@Shivansh and @Nafees

First of platform is not impact on PageViews or Ranking. I have tried both, blogger and wordpress and Now I am using jekyll(static site generator).

Well, keywords are helpful, but Google is getting very smart, they want real and useful content, not seo optimized content. Many years ago, matt cutts said, we gives advice to our website to use all kind of keyword in webpage, for example someone search pendrive, and someone search USB stick. So use both kind of keywords in your page, but now google is getting very smart, you don’t need to add that kind of keywords, because promo code and coupon code is same in eyes of Search engine, just google it, if you need proof.

Yoast, say use keywords in title, but look out official documents on webmaster, they are using any kind of title, that is helpful for users, because anchor text playing major role on that, for example someone point your site with good anchor text, then Google use that text on SERP.

Well, SEO is not done by using plugins only, you need to do more work, well this kind of answer, you will get from search engine land group on LinkedIn. In short WordPress might be helpful for SEO, but only 1%, not more than it.

@Zeeman_Memon . I am also posting that kind of stuff in 2011, but after I realize, there are many of peoples doing the same. So there are only two option for you. Change your niche to other, that have very low competitions, or do some advance work, that no other can do. (Look out your this post -, It is not helpful for anyone(Google+Users), Post only useful content, that is not shared anyone. So you will automatically get natural back links from others.