How to Increase my Adsense Earning?


I am getting 0.1-0.4$ per click. Is there any way to increase ppc? Suggest me ways so that my adsense earnings may increase. I want to know exactly why am I not getting clicks on my ads. Please help me with Ad placements and sizes too


Well, I also want to know this answer.


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That is a nice question chandan, after all revenue through ads is what that matters a lot for publishers.

Previously we would have large debates on how exactly Google calculates the CTR (Click Through Rate) and CPC (Cost Per Click) ratios. We often thought may be Technology and FOREX related keywords had high CPC values but those were all speculations and never a reality from what I personally experiences on several of my clients sites. If there is anything that matters in increasing daily revenue and click through rate then keep in mind the following points:

  1. Always Choose Text/Display ads
  2. Add 336 X 280 Ad Size (Large Rectangle) below Post titles always. Never 300 x 250 , it is dead now
  3. Always add the 3 Content Ads above the fold. Add Link units below the fold only
  4. Add one 468 X 60 Ad size just below the first paragraph. Use the MBT AdSense Booster Plugin
  5. Work hard on your traffic and try to receive at least 1000 unique visitors daily for higher turn outs

This is the most sincere advice I can give.

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This @Mohammad bro, for the great tip.

I am using wordpress blog, then how to implement this plugin?


For wordpress use the Quick Adsense Plugin. It will do all the magic :blush:


Thanks for the help bro. :blush:


how to add 468x60 for customized blogger template ( for template form blogspot no problem but for customized blogger template i can’t do it as per your tutorial in your blog. Any other tips? tq, syukran.


kindly ask this question in a separate topic and explain in detail what you want so that your topic may be accepted and posted on forum


Country also matter for high CPC rate. I get around 0.1-0.10$ per click from asian country but if some on click on my ads from country like USA, UK, Canada and European countries i am getting more than 0.40$ per click.


I already know about it. Asian countries give too much lesser money then US, UK and Canada visitors. @shahsantosh bro, can you please message me your blog url?


Great… Thousand likes for your post!!


Most of the new bloggers and webmasters struggle to make money with their blogs even though they have reasonably good traffic. If your main intention is to make money out of your blog, then definitely you have to concentrate on monetizing part also as how importance you give to content development and SEO.

target high paying niches or topics on our next articles to increase the income. It is always beneficial if you use Google Adsense or CPM networks, because high paying keywords, topics, and search terms perform well in most of the ad networks.


After a long research on Adsense, we noticed and known How to earn more with ADS there are few aspect to focus on to earn more ith Adsense


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hi dude i tried this plugin on my blogger blog… but ads were dislplaing at end not at after te paragraph… any suggestions dude… i am using elice blogger template @Mohammad


@Skvignesh I’m also using elice template and I’m able to display the ads at my blog


dude i am telling about that mbt booster plugin… @mohammad help


Online with large amount of visitors can increase your earnings … When i started my blog , I am not getting any click on my ad-sense , After reaching 20 unique visitors am starting to get up-to 0.10 per a week , after i reached 200 unique visitors the week earnings is comes down to days … So in my case am telling the traffic is impotent than the placement of the ads .