How to Increase Domain Authority Of My Blog?


I know it is very impotent to Increase the Domain Authority for Better Search Engine Optimization .

Anyone tell me “How to Increase My Domain Authority”

You can see my blog here :

When i checked with Moz Tool Bar … I am scoring about 18/100 . So now i need to concentrate more on Domain Authority .

When i checked Mybloggertricks : You can see the result below this text . Mybloggertricks has 58/100


It’s simple. Keep on writing on the related higher authority blogs and websites than yours in terms of comments and guest posting. Make your content share-able and link-able.

And most of it all, it takes time… too much time to gain authority in the field.

~ Adeel


@adeel most of big sites has some nofollow thing, so even we comment with our link, its always no follow :frowning: secondly what i observed is, write write and write then just wait and pray to God and it wil improve your DA and PA ? :stuck_out_tongue:


@The_Next_Rex good motivation … Thanks


okay now serious note, check number of backlinks of mybloggertricks , do you know its more then three years old blog? he was in his second year when he started, if i am not wrong. what i have learned so far is, social engagement matters a lot, see the number of time your article is shared by any one, then reshared and sooooo on… commenting and all other social stuff, so that matters a lot too.

this is what i understood up till now, if you have any thing else do let me know too :smile: