How to Import blog from Blogger to an existing WordPress Blog?


hey, my blog is on WP 6 months old with adsense.

and my friends blog is on blogger 3 years old

what would be the best way to combine??? export all the posts and upload on my website? or any other idea?? we dont want to lose traffic of thegirlzgallery, she has ove 300 posts and blogging since 3 years on it. that site doesnt have adsense, and she cant manage that, as her interest is in writing only,

i need suggestions so we dont lose the content, or traffic. or raise any copy right issues…


Just export blog from blogger other settings and go to the wordpress site and in settings search for import and select the file which u downloaded from blogger and add it to wordpress import.


i purchased this along with its main domain and all articles. i want some sugestions, so that i dont lose the traffic/ conversations and all the backlinks or any other thing this site made in the past three years in its 300 posts.

  1. should i keep this domain? or buy a new one and shift to that? as the niche of article is beauty and fashion.
  2. should i shift this to my main website, as it has a new category of beauty and fashion, however the site is multi-niche. keeping in mind it has 70 post currently.
  3. will i lose any thing if i shift the domain to any other? or even to its main domain, bcs currently all articles are in its subdomain whereas the main domain is blank.

waiting for expert and helpfull opinion as always :smile: