How to Host Blogger domain on a sub-directory and Not sub-domain?


How can I host my blog at Blogger in a sub-directory and not a sub-domain. For example, I want to host at and not at

Is there any way I can achieve this. I have tried doing this but blogger only allows hosting the blog either at root domain or sub domain but not on a sub-directory


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You mean using custom domain ? You can buy it on godaddy, namecheap etc. If you using Blogger platform you can’t make your domain like that (, except if your’re using Wordpress.


I think you can make! Not really but its a trick of redirection. Follow the steps.

  1. First, Create a page and name it as ‘Blog’ so the url will be, right?
  2. Now, put bellow script on the HTML Section of the page:

<script type='text/javascript'> var d='<data:blog.url/>'; d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, ''); location.href = 'BLABLA'; </script>

  • Now, Change BLABLA from above code to your blog’s url
  • Publish the page. Now, I think you want right? And you have so how to get yours?
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Setting > Search Preference
  • Now, Under Errors and Redirection section, set up a redirection. In the first box, put 'blog' and in second, put p/blog.html (Previous Page url).
  • Now, visit and it will redirect to the page and because of that script, if will redirect to your blog.

Hope It Help. :smile:


At present you can not host a blogger blog on a sub-folder or sub-directory of your root domain. You can only host it at the root domain or subdomain by changing the CNAME records. Although a PHP Hack is available where you can uses PHP to act as a Proxy to Blogger and several other tricks as @Shivansh suggested but none of them are SEO friendly tactics and can severely effect your blog’s search ranking.

Unless Google allows blogger users to access the database, you can not host your blog on a sub-folder.

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Perhaps this could work once upon a time, but when I tried it I got a ‘broken html’ error message, and although I was able to ignore it, the page goes to my site with a ‘page does not exist’ error message.