How to hide internal duplicate content?



I am building a software downloading site, where i have lots of version of a same software.which have same “About Product” title in every version of same software. so how i can deal with such internal duplicate content. anybody have any idea about this, then let me know…

M waiting for your replies…


If you are not original owner of software: First of, you are doing blogging in wrong fields, because I think, you are not the creator of software, you just sharing other stuff, and I am 100% sure, if you rank over the original developer, then you might lost your blog because of copyright issue, or you will get penalty from google, once your blog is getting good organic traffic. So be creative, if you want to become good blogger.

If you are developer of that kind software: In case, you don’t need to add about product page every time in your post, just add the about product navigation menu at the top of page, or mention link about that, for various version. You should check and some github repository, you will get idea, how they do it, with various version of software.


Bro i am building a clone of file hippo or you can say building a website which give its users free softwares to download (Freeware, shareware, open source, commercial trial)

How i deal with the internal duplicate content ?? because for eg. i have firefox post, which have 40 + versions, and i have to post all of them for my users. so in all 40 + version i have the same about firefox description which is duplicate to other 39’s

So how to deal with that without even penalized by google or other search engines.


So, are you building that type of website on blogger? or CMS? And, How you will provide, link for download any software?, Do you have your own CDN? because most of software download, does not allowed for direct link to download, it is against their TOS.

If, I have my own software with different kind of version, then I will add description about, what is improved into this version, and what kind of bugs is fixed. Nothing else.


Bro i am building on blogger. i have templatezy hippomag template.

now i will use resources of established brand.

could you help me in hiding duplicate content.

internal duplicate content is main problem for me…


I am also facing same problems of internal duplicate content. Please help me ASAP. Thanks in Advance.