How to give credits for the image in blogger?


Hello everyone,

I want to know how can I give credit to the images which I use in my blog? Is there any tool in blogger where you can mention the credits or simply write below the image or is there any other method?

Also if I use that image with proper credit, will it cause any difficulties while applying for Adsense?

Please guide me through!


Rahul Dixit


No difficulties.

Use the caption feature to give credits.


Thanks bro for the solution! :smile: :v:


Or Simply Write Source: Site Name Below The Image Or In The End Of The Post ! It Will Work :smiley:


But won’t it create problem at the time when I will apply for adsense? Because all my images are not original, as because of the nature of my blog. My niche is Education/Employment hence the images are just logo of that particular organization.


So According To Your Niche The Method Stated By @Nafees Is Awesome! And You Should Apply It :smile:

Happy Blogging :smiley: