How to Get Thousands of of backlinks to rank a blog Post for event Promotion?


I want to know how to get a good amount of backlinks to rank a blog post which features an important event or exclusive story?

i have seen many new blogs just 3 days old having 10k backlinks or more. I want to know how do they do it?


perhaps they buy some of these backlinks from some sort of cheap online backlink seller companies. You should focus more on content, make linkable content and then promote it. People will automatically link your content if they will find it useful. You should not try to make unnatural links because after penguin 3.0 things have changed dramatically and you may get a penalty from google if they find so many cheap links on your backlink profile.


Thanks For quick response. It is really helpful for me . :smile:


I am pleased to hear about your satisfaction :slight_smile:


@dangerdhillon Dear,

Never believe in making or buying backlinks from such companies. It would simply help in dying your site instead of getting rank. Concentrate on your topics, Contents, bring quality and updates daily your site.

Remember: A new blog does not rank in few days, it would take minimum 1 and half month to get start ranking. So all you need to do now is to focus on your content not on backlinks.

A day will come, everyone will dying to share your contents sites etc. you will get automatically backlinks. Just focus on quality

I hope you found my answer valuable. thanks.


Don’t try to buy Backlinks. Always try to earn some quality Backlinks from high PR sites, by guest blogging or by commenting. Guest blogging is the best way to earn some quality backlinks.


yes quality back-links is always good structure for any sites, make manual back-links and your site is safe and ranking in Google and other search engine… Not buy and back-links …


Thank you very much for the lovely Tip. :slight_smile: