How to get search preference in blogger? Its not showing!


My friend setup my new blog but i cannot find search description in the sidebar of my blogger post under the heading of post settings title please help me @nafees told me that it is useful for blogger Seo and told me to enter description. I am new please help me :blush: thanks in advance for help


Hello Raj! :smiley:

Follow these steps:-

Log in to Blogger Dashboard

Navigate to the blog which you want to make changes

Go to Settings

Click on Search Preferences

and enable description under meta tags.

Write this text in the text area “Enter the description here” (you can enter whatever you want) and click on save changes.

return to blogger post and in the right you will be able to see that tab. Edit that description and save your blogger post :wink:

Done :smiley:

Post description Related to Post Title on Search Engines

Nafees Its not showing up in the blogger post sidebar :persevere:


Hey Have you followed the steps correctly? I am damn sure that this works 100% Try once again and tell me results


Thanx Its worked. Thankyou very mcuh nafees :kissing_heart: