How to get rid of this annoying logo appearing on all of my posts?


There’s this new annoying logo that keeps appearing besides all of my posts, how do I remove it?

Will appreciate whoever can help me out as I’m newbie to web building & inspect element is not helping me out on this one! Blog’s url:


Its easy! Just add this CSS above ]]></b:skin>:


-Shivansh Verma


worked like a charm, thank you once again bro :slight_smile:


This code isnt working for my new template, got the author problem again on a new template as i’ve changed my blog’s niche from multi to single.


If you want to remove the author box fully then add this css (above ]]></b:skin> )

.authorboxwrap {
    display: none;


Just used it, worked like a charm, gracias! :smile: