How to get quality traffic on blogs?


Hello, I’ve been trying to get quality traffic to my blog, but always fail to do this. I’ve made many websites with different ideas but always failed to get traffic to my blog. I stopped blogging because of the same. Now I changed my mind and thought of doing it again, can someone help me get a good theme for blogspot blogs related to tech and PC Help. Please help me :smile: I really need money! I want :

  • A best blogger theme (SEO Friendly)
  • Tips to get Views
  • What can I do to make it popular?



1. A best blogger theme (SEO Friendly)- Well, You can put only ‘Best Technology Blogger Template’ in Google’s Search box and then open the first link in search results.

My Suggestions:- You can request a template designer to create a template for you. I am also a template designer. You can contact me in PM.

I asked you to buy a custom template because this leave Good impression on your visitors. :smile:

2. Tips to get Views- I have written a detailed article on it. You can read it [here][1]

3. What can i do to make it popular?- Their are many tips available for that.

  • You can use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to get popular.
  • You can post some guest post on another blogs to get some backlinks and some traffic to your blog.
  • Third is, Write quality content by which you can attract your reader to read your blog more.

Hope It Help You! [1]:


@Shivansh Thanks for the help :slight_smile: <-- This guy is getting a lot of visitors in a day ! How?!


@Rohan_Juneja, There are many other topics on this forum that will guide you to get more traffic. Just go and explore topics and you will find many. It would be waste of time and energy if we wrote the same thing again and again. Hope you understand.

Taking about that blog which you mentioned, yes it does get traffic but its getting traffic from a redirected URL. And it amazes me why his rank is below the average even after getting high traffic. Some members allegedly stated that the blog owner is using Black hat SEO but they have no proof regarding the same.

So it is a mystery for all of us. Even popular blogs with good quality traffic would fail to see so many visitors every second.

-Rohan Chaubey.


Well, Its 100 n 1% Black hat. Look at its alexa overview. This blog don’t have any backlink and rank is above 3 million.

@Rohan_Juneja, You can just like the post which you want to say thanks by using the green heart button below the post. :smile:


first of all let me tell you earn money from blogging is very hard it is my personal experiences i spent two years on blogging still i dont know ABC of blogging i watch videos alot of thing to understand seo and other thing but finally i decide forget earning money from blog so there are lot way to earn money but blogging is very hard if you say it not hard i am agree but to get backinks and traffic this thing is not easy and it will take alot of time now lets talk about Best Blogger theme you can choose from MBT website just Serach Seo Friendly Template you will see alot of result choose your template now


To get high traffic , You need to write good and quality contents . Most of the bloggers where creating post’s that already written by another pro bloggers . If you are doing like that . You never success on blogging .
Example : If someone writing blog-posts about earning money online , You just re-written the same article on you blog post , Will not success .
You can increase your traffic by creating unique post’s . Write contents that actually people needed . By using support forms you can find the best questions . Just research about the question and answer for .
Any way try your best … Only hard work can make you archive your dreams