How To Get Quailty Backlinks For Sites Which Offers Games?


Any one tell me ‘'How to Make Quality Back-links for Game Sites.’' and save to Google updates.? i work on game site a long time but after rank in Google Hit by Google Update and all top ranked post in Google ranked doped and site value is zero … … site sample check this site and tell me problem and solve method… How To solve this problem after Hit By Google Update … ?


i have idea it is up to you your rank will high why dont you create video and upload on vimeo dailymotion and youtube in video tell about games cheat and tell how to download in your own voice use screen recorder and record game preview and one more thing when ever you upload your video in description put a link of your website find those game websites there’s option in comments sytem name email website go to game site and request them to gimme backlink :smiley: exchange your backlink this is my thinking you can ask from expert how to get quality backinks from game sites


@Tariq_aziz Thanks for give me good feedback …



mention not brother one more thing if your content are genuine so people will automatically give backlink and never trust those people who give you 500 backlink free these type of website will harm your site because i did this so this is the reason i am saying wait for expert may be they will give you the best suggestion


@fullypcgames2 I checked your site and I’ve noticed that you have not linked your site to twitter . Twitter is one of the most popular social network link your blog to twitter . Make your site popular on social media sites. Plus one thing more your site title is too long

“Download Free Games | PC Game | Sports Games | Action | Mobile Games | High Compressed PC Games |Horror | Free Download Games |” 127 characters.

Make the site title short.


@AmmarAli i make site title is to short…


Backlinking is not what you can do on your own. People when commenting on other’s blog or sharing something publically, give backlinks or we can say recommendations to other websites. For having backlinks you must have a good readership and subscribers who share your content on the web and discuss about that. You can also get backlinks by guest posting. Talk to someone who allows guest posts on their blogs, write for them and get backlinks in return. You should write for reputed blogs or websites, they will get you a good PR and also some traffic and readership. You’ll be recognized in the public and will have subscribers.


Hi @fullypcgames2, If it is gaming site then get some write ups about your site and distribute it to some news/press sites.

If it is a blog which offers readers some games to download so you can submit your blog to some social bookmarking sites. People are always in search for games and they would find your blog there.

Submit your site to RSS feed submitter. Another thing which you can do is go find some sites similar to that of yours. Exchange some links with them. This will mutually help you both. [Make sure you don’t over do this].

I hope this helps.

~ Rohan.


How to build high quality backlinks for a new blog?


first, we recommend you to not find the sites to make backlinks. Make your content so much powerful that readers attracts towards this and start sharing and include you content in their articles. It is a best way to engage and rank the site. On the other hand, I suggest to find best quality backlinks from Minecraft play online sites.