How to Get My Posts Indexed on Google within Minutes?


Hi Guys. Tomorrow, I posted a post in my blog. Today, when I searched that post in Google by searching for, I got that my post was not indexed yet. Then I again looked the result and got that the post I published 3 days ago, was also not indexed in Google. What to do guys? If Google Index my site at this speed, My blog will never get success. Can you tell me some tips or tricks to Index my every post in a day?

I am really impressed with this forum. Google index every new topic within minutes. How?

I Hope, This will also help some others.

Bug: Look at this Form’s Homepage. Before some days, in every topic, most recent poster’s profile picture was highlighted with blue shadow. But now, only topic creator profile picture is highlighted if he/she is most recent poster.

-Shivansh Verma Skv


Do you already have your sitemap submitted to Google Webmasters tools? Till the time your site is not getting indexed quickly, share your posts in the forum or communities that get quickly indexed in the search engines or submit to social bookmarking sites so that your content is found by others directly or indirectly.

~ Rohan.


I have stemap and I already submitted in to Google Webmasters tools. I am posting my every new content on Google+, Facebook and also on twitter. I also post URLs of my posts when needed in forum to help anyone. What Can Do Now?


I was not talking about forums like this one… I was suggesting you to promote your sites on communities where blog promotion is officially allowed.


You can use Fetch as Google option in Google’s webmaster tool. Read this for more information. If you are posting a event based post, then it is very helpful.



As you said that in this Forum posts get index faster that is because of the Page Rank and Backlinks it has also the Alexa Rank which it has is very low so google indexes high quality sites faster. It took me nearly 2 months to index 30 Posts :slight_smile: Be patient it takes a bit time.


alexa_khan, My alexa rank is not too low. Kindly look at here My alexa rank is bellow 600,000. And my 48 pages are indexed within 1 month. :smile: But I want help to index my new post within one day.


I get any of my blog post, indexed in or less than 8hrs. The reason behind this might be backlinks as I’m not having good PR and even my Alexa Rank is 888,888 but yeah I have some backlinks.


@Shivansh I have a best suggestion for you , Try to create inter link connection from your new post’s to old post’s also create blog-pages for each category which you mainly focusing on writing and put them in to the navigation instead of labeling . When you creating new post’s related to those category , Don’t forget to add the new post link address on it . This process will make your new post’s fast index on Google Search Engine . Also try to create Post in a schedule time , That will also help you to fast index .


Only 2 baclinks will not help you gain the attention of the crawlers :smiley: Kindly foucus on backlinks as well.


The bug you mentioned is fixed now. So it is working fine now :hammer:

As far this Forum index and crawl rate is concerned then it is because it is backed by MBT which is a PR 5 blog with over 6 thousand backlinks Alhamdulillah. You need to build at least 10 quality back links in order to achieve a quick crawl rate. Normally any new content published on a page is indexed with just few hours even if the site has no PR or fair enough backlinks. You just need to submit the sitemap and focus on producing quality content.

Your site is also new, give it 4 months because Google updates it PR algorithm on quarterly period and ranks sites accordingly. You will notice a tremendous change in your index rate after 3 months. Your site is too new to achieve faster index rate at this stage. :innocent:

When Will Be My New Blog Indexed by Google?

Thanks For Your Reply. :smile:

Bug I don’t think that the bug is fixed.