How to Get BuySellAds Approval for my Blog


Hey @Mohammad bro My site is I want to get my site approved by BSA. So kindly can you please tell me the requirements for getting a site approved by BuySellAds.


Approval for BuySellAds Query!

I’m not a BSA publisher but anyway, I know that It’s very difficult to get approval in BSA.

  • You must need at least 20000 Unique visitors on your blog every month.
  • Your Blog design and domain name must be Super Professional.
  • There should be at least 50 Unique and quality articles of 500 to 600 words on your blog.
  • Your blog must be in English and your blog must not be about any type of illegal content like Gambling and Porn Content etc

So, these are some important requirements to get approval in BSA. Must try an alternative to BSA “

Why my blog didn't get approval from BUYSELLADS?

BSA requirements for approval check the below mentioned link

  1. Your website should exist on its own domain and not a subdomain of a blog or website service. Exmaples include Blogger, WordPress, etc…
  2. Your website should have a clean and professional design that is user-friendly and not cluttered or chaotic.
  3. Your website should be free of errors.
  4. Your website should have real, established traffic with at least 50,000 page impressions per month. If a publisher registers a domain and then quickly uses a service to purchase bulk / false clicks to increase page impressions for the purpose of selling ads, the site would be rejected. (These unethical traffic practices also
  5. have a very negative effect on domains and future interactions with ad networks, so establishing traffic in this manner should never be considered for any website.)
  6. Your website should not already have an abundance of ads. The more ads on your site, the less exclusivity you have to offer.
  7. Your website should be updated regularly with unique content. If you submit a blog and have only posted a few blog posts so far, then your website would not be accepted because it does not yet have enough content (and more than likely, not enough traffic yet).


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Hey, I am facing the same problem with my site. Please help me guys !

What should I need to do in order to get BuySellAds approval?