How to Fix Windows Live Writer Error - "Invalid Username or Password"


Hello Friends. Today I got an error when setting up Windows Live Writer on my laptop. It is ‘The Blog could not be accessed using the specified username and password’ What can I do to solve this error? I have double checked my username and password. I have checked Other blog services before this.


clear total cache than try may be it will work


@Shivansh Some people have experienced problems with being able to authenticate with Blogger/Blogspot, while using Windows Live Writer. This can be caused by the additional security features of Google- two-step authentication; which seems to be required now.

Regards MD. Ishtiaq


@Shivansh Dear,

It can be easily resolved, in beginning i also face the same problem,

method is quite long, but once you setup it, then after that simple publish your post from Window Live Editor.

Just give me a day, i will share it with screenshot how to resolve that issue you are facing. Right now I am far away from home due to NTS Test.


thanks @Templatezy, I am waiting :smile:


This happens when you insert URL without http header or include a www to default blogspot address (insert the naked domain instead) during the “Add blog account” Process. It also occurs when you insert your Gmail username without including the Mail extension i.e

Follow this pattern as shown in the screenshot below

Note that I assumed your email ID and Pass :smile: Try it and it will work just fine now!


not solved. I already tried it. :frowning:


your WLW version? Have you updated it to version 2012


yes. I have download it yesterday from microsoft site


update your WLW version this is the best solution try and than tell :stuck_out_tongue:


It is already updated dear but I don’t know whats the problem.



This can be caused by the additional security features of Google- two-step verification. When you login your blogger account is there any mobile code verification?


No.There is no mobile code verification.


@Shivansh Dear,

I shared a long detail method to how windows live writer connected with blogger. check out it here.


Thank You @Templatezy. It worked for me. :smile:



Finally! your problem solved. happy blogging


Google has updated the authentication method to 2.0 and that is the reason why it is not allowing you to do so. Even the blogs that have been added already started getting authentication errors since few days due to this update. Don’t know when will Microsoft unzip a word about this awesome tool.