How to Fix This Adsense Code Problem in my template



I am having a little bit problem and want to ask its solution. My problem is when i put my adsense code on start of any of my post in my blog. then post description show a adsense code there. you can see this picture.I think this is my template coding problem so if any one can help me in it.

Any Solution ?



I hope you put the Adsense code , When you are creating Blog-Post’s Right ? If yes remove it . It not template problem . It’s happen’s on every template . Just try to add your Adsense Ads by editing the template . By editing the Blogger template also you can add Adsense Ads inside the post …I hope my answer helped you . Thanks


Ahn Got it thanks a lot man lets fix it now :smiley: Thanks again


You are always welcome by my friend …


yes let space post such as