How To Fix The Error Shown By Social Counter Plugin?


Hey all, i am starting a new site.

i installed a theme "newspaper 6" some thing went wrong and a bultin plugin social counter is showing error. :frowning: can any one help me on this?? or even html code for social counter would be great, i can add in widgets. that will solve my problem i guess.

Secondly it would be really great if you can give your overall feedback, any design improving i need to do.

Thanks a lot, waiting for your reply Regards :smile:

PS: i assume i posted in the right category this time, else MOD please shift it to the right as always :stuck_out_tongue:


@The_Next_Rex, I have changed the title which is more meaningful.

And, anyone would not give you your blog’s review because, asking for the review is only for Trust Level 2 Users and you are Basic Member (Trust Level 1). To get review, you can help others to get likes then again post the review post here.


Thats a point Shivansh || But this forum is for blogspot users :wink: Not Wordpress Hope you understand :relieved:


Hi Ali,

I am not sure how plugins at WordPress sites work so I won’t be able to share anything on that.

The design looks good but I think you still are working to add things in the sidebar and you don’t have enough posts.

Also we were said to stop reviewing Basic users because previously a lot of topics were made on the forum by the members requesting to review their respective blogs. So now you need to attain some trust levels for getting reviews.

Good luck with your new blog Ali. :slight_smile:



thanks a lot @Rohan i didnt know about this change of policy, and yes before starting i wanted to make sure every thing is in order. and side bar will see good, when there are some posts, as recent post and stuff like that wil be showed.

and ways thats a lot :smile:


wait wait wait!! if you read my post, i asked if some one can send me html code for displaying social counter. bcs i guess html code would be same rite?