How to Fix Structured Data Errors


I am running a small educational blog since two years, Its every thing is going fine but when ever I check Structured Data using google webmasters tool, it shows so many items with errors. like screenshots show.

. I am really in worry about this issue kindly suggest me the solution.


@pdfbooksinfo, please Google it. There are already thousands of topics about it on the Internet. Go to, search, read and you will get the solution.


“Missing: author” and “Missing: update” Error are the only two errors with my blog, I can’t understand the way to fix these errors described by other sites on google.


You are right Shivansh we are all suffered we this error, I tried now to follow tutorials of the other site and I sure that I follow rightly the instruction. But it’s not fixing same problem, I found that the redirection of my google plus url is turn to like this and not this I hope sir Muztafa will solve this problem. Happy new year to all


You have to follow this tutorial to solve all the hatom errors -


I follow this tutorial other problem is solve like the author but this url I can’t solve can you help me?


If I will click it will point here in this code:


<div id='header' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''>