How To Fix Structure Data Error On Blogger


I am using a premium blogger template. It already has setup. And can’t understand how to edit & Fix structure data error problem. Please take a look at my site and if you guys know how to fix this, then please tell me as soon as possible.

I read related article before, but those can’t help me to fix that problem. in my theme setup many places are used that’s why I’m getting confused.



It is better to go at ThemeForest and ASK author because TF provides 6 month support. The author will help you and provide a real time support. If you have pay money for support, then why you are not taking advantage of it.


Robin Singh


They are not replying. Can anyone help me in that case




So, first tell me which types of errors you are currently getting in google search console. List them one by one here.

Follow the instructions given in below articles. Here is some of the useful articles from MBT, which can help in this regard.

If still you faced the same problem or not able to fix any of the errors. Then, Let me know by reply here.


Robin Singh


Hi sir can you help me with this problem? url A value for the url field is required.