How To Fix Sidebar Not Showing In Blogger Template?


Hey guys today i just added the show posts by labels widget in my blogger template and deleted it because my sidebar was not showing in the right side then i tried to customize the CSS but now my sidebar is not showing. you can check my blog. Please help.

My Blog


@Hassan For some reason your rseidebar wrapper is set to display none

Overwrite this css

#rsidebar-wrapper {
  display: block !important;

and it displays try to remove some unuseful paddings okay! Thanx


now it was showing but below posts not on the upper right side @nafees


@Hassan, you can add following CSS to give it a good look and also, to solve your problem. :smile:

#wrap2 {
  float: left!important;
  width: 68%;

I hope it worked. :smile:


It really worked @shivansh thanks for your help


Welcome. Keep asking more blogger related questions! :smile:


i am unabe edit layout widgets due to sidebar is moving…up and down


My sidebars are missing, too, but I can’t find the code mentioned in this post. Any thoughts??


You have to copy this code and place it before ]]></b:skin>