How to fix PageSpeed Insight for Mobile and Destop 45/100


my pagespeed insight is quite low. i want to improve it, i need some suggestions,

I am using WP Fastest cache, i am not sure if it is working or not, as it says to minify CSS HTML and JS can any one help me on

  1. minify JS/CSS/HTML ?
  2. Compression
  3. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  4. leverage browser caching

i am using WP. any assistance, plugin recomendation would be highly appriciated.


@The_Next_Rex This forum completely for Blogger Sites, most of our experts grate on Blogger platform.

In your Case, It seems to Server Response time high,

Check with your Hosting Support team to resolve it, as the problem persist in Hosting Server (server reachable/response time above 200ms). also Remove highly load widgets/plugins.

Check more Info:


@The_Next_Rex The problem with your blog is you are using too many external scripts (Amazon, Add this & few more)… No matter what you do, your blog loading will be little higher than sites who are not using too many external scripts.

I would suggest to focus on bringing your loading time to 2-3 seconds top. Here are few suggestions:

  1. Use WP Supercache plugin
  2. Use Cloudflare as it offers free CDN, rocketloader & many other great features.
  3. Use & Compress all your existing images.
  4. If you using too many external scripts such as Google analytics or other tags, start using Google tag manager. This way all tags will be loaded asynchronously and your page load time will be better.



  1. i am using WP fast cache , should i shift ?
  2. i used cloudflare, it sucks, even @mohammad told me to stop using it, i am thing for google, but didnt really get what it is, i wl have to read about it,
  3. ok i wl read and work on it
  4. tag manager didnt knw about it, i wl read an implement it,

thanks a lot :smile:

btw how to minif HTML, JS, CSS, bcs wp fastest cache couldnt do, lets try urs,


I can’t help you much on enabling compression or minifying JavaScript, HTML or CSS but I’ll surely recommend you to use OPTIMIZILLA image compression tool to optimize your images. Its a great tool, I use it regularly. Optimizing images will really help in improving your PageSpeed Score.


i used smach it, and wp supercache plugin, page score is the same,

i will try optimizilla now


Yeah you should try. What you have to do is to first optimize your images then reupload them in the posts. This will require hardwork but it will give a good result.

For any help about optimizilla please ask me.


what will it do actually? reduce size?? its 250 pics?


should i be worried about the score? as page load time is now 3 to 5 sec.

#10 has page load time of 2.9 seconds still alexa says that 86% sites are faster then it. On the basis of it can say that yes you should improve more. Now comming to your previous question: Yes you have to reduce the size of your pics but you don’t want to loose their quality, right? For that optimizilla provide you quick option to tweak or you can say set the quality of the image on your own and you can see the live preview and different in quality between the original pic and optimized one at the same time. I found the tool very helpfull.


@NamanKumar as per your replay … I just converted three of my blog images … Now my Speed Score improved than before … :heart_eyes:


I’m happy that I helped you. Keep asking question to if having any problem.