How to Fix My Scroll Bar just Got Stuck


I have My Blogger Website .Just When I Go Down to Footer My Scroll Bar Stucks i can`t Move it Is there any Solution Please Help Meee…scroll bar runs but i am unable to touch and move scroll button …

Is that Due to Whos amung us widget or not



Hello @ishworgiri0 i checked your site and found that when adblocker is on there is no problem but when it is off there is a problem so the problem is generating through the ads also you have placed many ads on your site which just disturbs your visitors so improve it and try to place only banner ads not popup ads.

Hope You Understand :smile:


Thanks @ngtechzone for you kind information.I will remove it…


@ishworgiri0 i don’t have any problem when browsing your blog . I can scroll freely to anywhere .


i correected it @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC

Already as @ngtechzone Said mee…