How to "Fix mobile usability issues found" In Blogger Templates?


Hi Friends,

Yesterday I received a error in my Webmaster tools related to Mobile Site “Fix mobile usability issues found”

I know this bcz my template is not Responsive, so Immediately i enabled Mobile Template from Default blogger options. But it will not serve better as I expected.

Coupon you please help me to Update my existing templete with responsive code.

Please help me any of the design for Mobile menu which is better view, I like to show Post by post with more Option.

I go through the link related How to Create a Responsive Layout View For Blogger?

But i’m not much expert to write code to place in Responsive Styles,

I know Creating a Responsive Layout will be a big task but I have only the way Here to ask Mr. Mustafa and other expert team members.

Thanks a Ton in advanced … :gift_heart:


you can use a different template for your blog if you think that making template responsive is a big task. You can choose it from here



Thanks for your wise advice but i did not find similar to my current template. I Like my existing template verywell hence I’m expecting Responsive HTML code.


For making your template responsive you should use following tweaks:

  1. Use Display:none in sidebar
  2. Use Full Width on footer
  3. Use width:100% on header
  4. Use widht:100% on post area


@chinnilax see this complete tutorial on making a responsive Blogger template by @Mohammad


I already checked that => but having some droughts…

Where to put CSS and any other HTMl need to add in CSS for my template need…

So i requested Complete steps and HTML code for my template (as i already told, i’m not expert to write html tags)


You should put the CSS above ]]></b:skin> and you should have to do hard work to make your template responsive. Its not an easy work.


Dear I am creating tutorials these days for both responsive layouts and shortcodes. It will be quite difficult helping you in this case unless you read about it in detail. It is quite an easy method once you know the basics of CSS3 media queries and viewport settings. Just wait for my tutorials. For the time being you can switch to Blogger Mobile view which will remove this error.


Thanks @Mohammad, I already enabled Mobile view once i received this msg. I’ll wait for your Detailed tutorial post. , :alarm_clock: