How to fix MIssing: homeLocation


Hi, I have 2k pages with an error stating Missing: homeLocation in Google Console. My position also dropped from 6,1 to 6,8… do you think it might’ve affected it? This is the first time this problema showed up, never had it before, and I didn’t change anything in my template.

Any idea of how to fix it? My blog:


Hii @dudujr,

Please attach a screenshot hope I’ll help you.


Because the markup in version 3.1 has changed on 2016-08-09 thus you are seeing those error messages in Google Webmaster Tools as missing homeLocation errors. You can easily fix this problem by follow this step.

  1. Login your blogger dashboard and go to Template > Edit HTML
  2. Then find this tag. <div class=‘post-header-line-1’/ . You find it two place in blogger template.You should find second one.
  3. Then past following markup after this tag.
  4. See markup here-


In my template there is just one <div class=‘post-header-line-1’/

Should I put it right after this one?


I think you are using custom template. So that you found it only one time, but there has no problem. you should add it after this tag