How to fix Duplicate Meta Description in Blogger?


Hey Guys,

I’ve tried couple of code to fix duplicate meta description on my new blog but nothing worked. As of now, it’s taking my homepage meta description as description for all the posts. And when anyone share any blog post on social networking site or even in Search Engine results, it’s showing the same description everywhere.

Is there anyone who can help me out on this?



Here is a nice article available on MBT, which can help you in this regard.

But, there may some problem existed in your blogger template so that please provide your blog url. You may fill out your blog address in profile here.

Then, Just drop a message here after filling up your profile.


Robin Singh


Hey Robin,

Thanks for the instant reply but you know I’ve also tried the code mentioned in this article and it didn’t worked. Can you check the blog and let me know? My blog is



Send your template to me. I have just Send private message to you with my mail address, where you can send your template. I will remove some Unnecessary Stuff from it. So that, Meta tags Works perfectly.

The Error in your template - You have used twice instances of name='description'tag which is causing problem.


Robin Singh


Oh, thanks a lot mate. I’ll just forward it you. :slight_smile:


Hey Robin,

I didn’t got your mail address, can you ping me in PM.



Just Check Your Inbox Now,


Robin Singh



I have Send Updated Template to you. Just Check Your Inbox…:grinning: :slight_smile:


Robin Singh


Please can you help me check mine too



Wait For Some time. I Will check it soon…


Robin Singh


Thanks i will be awaiting your response





List of Problems found with your blog.

  1. You have assigned same meta description to different posts with one letter change.
  2. You are using generic URL like /p/blog-page.html for Static pages. (Change them to standard one.)
  3. Archive Pages are also indexed in SERP’s.(Remove them From SERP Immediately)
  4. You are Using Too much Ads. (Needs to Place ads at corrected Place.)
  5. Blog Design Needs to Modified to Adapted latest Changes. (It should be responsive and attractive.)
  6. Structure Data Errors found like Missing: “datePublished” "dateModified"
  7. Your Blog Scores Only 57 points for Desktops. and Mobile User Experience problem too.

You will be in big trouble if Google Panda comes to your site and finds unnecessary scripts and content. (Like Same Meta Description, Annoying Popups, Missing Structured information)

Your Blog Needs complete makeover even from designing to content.

If you needed any other help, just ping me up here.


Robin Singh


I need your help sir can you help me and fix the problem


I have same problem can you help me my url is