How to fix disqus comments system in my website


Assalam o alaikum friends in my last template disqus was working good but after changing template i am facing problem i fetch disqus comment after 24 hour it was not working than i did manually it was also not working in my latest template i did every thing when i was tired i use universal code and put in to under the post layout now mostly people comments me in the homepage not in a post and today i saw a person post me there is no label it is showing like this

No posts with label undefined. Show all posts

Comments it is blank page :frowning: i read carefully MBT post but still i am unable to fix it


Hi @Tariq_aziz, I wonder what went wrong. Changing the template shall not cause any problem unless you modified/removed the disqus code from your layout.

I am confused with your question. How come label come in between if we are talking about Disqus here. I have been using disqus for 3 months and I could not find something called as label in it.

There is no connection with your blogger labels and Disqus. That commentator might be talking about the problems with your labels and not with the disqus. Tho there might be issues with your disqus commenting system, I agree.

I am really not able to get your point. Please try giving more details so that we can find a solution or re-install disqus.

-Rohan Chaubey.


Kindly add some screenshots and also share your blog URL so that we could help.


Yea add some screenshots too here, I’ve a problem too with disqus.


and you can see 404 error also showing comment system

i put universal code right now it is working but every where is showing when in home page if you see


Put tag conditional on your Disqus widget:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

Your disqus widget here



i am using universal code so may i remove it


You don’t have to remove it.

But I recommend you to use Blogger not universal code on disqus. They already put this conditional tag on the script :blush:


where should i put in layout or templete? because i dont know much about blogging

  • Delete all your disqus script on blogger first,
  • After that go here > “”

Then this:


i am doing this steps third time lets see what happen i deleted all disqus codes than i did thank you for helping


mad bro 24 hours gone but still disqus system is not working in my blog before 24 hours i did every step what you told


i already did these steps 4 times so i dont think it will work