How to find out, which article generated revenue


hey, is there a way, to find out which article generated money and how much??? in google adsense??

we and few friends are writing, so we want to know how much clicks/money an article generated. so we can divide the money accordingly. because dividing equal will be unfair with the one whose efforts are generating more money.


For this purpose use a Analytics Service. I recommend to use Google Analytics and attach it with your Adsense account for Better Results.

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@The_Next_Rex You can use Google Analytic to know the statues .


Thanks @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC and @prince i found it what u guys suggested, it was there in analytic,

secondly i am using google adsense plugin on WP, is it okay na?


Yes @The_Next_Rex it is quite okay to Use the Google adsense Plugin. You should only follow the Google’s Terms and Policies!


thanks @prince :smile:

also tell me if i need to display ads on anyother site, i dont need to inform google ?


Bro You can’t do that, Because whenever an Adsense Ad get viewed on a website then Adsense will be informed about that view and the website will be shown to you in Sites Section under Performance Reports.

NOTE: Don’t try to Serve Ads through iframe. It is strictly prohibited

But why you Need to know about that stuff! You are free to Show ads on as many sites as you can and can track earnings separately. The only Condition is that your Site must Follow the Adsense Policies!


thanks, a lot, all of u i got it, problem solved, thanks @prince MOD can close the topic