How to find and remove hidden ads code from free blogger template


I have used one free blogger template, " Google chrome " template from I have edit whatever necessary but i got one problem. I cannot find the ads which installed the free template. Two question here:

  1. can i remove hidden ads installed in the template
  2. how to find the ads? When i try click the link from my blog, the link redirect to ads before show the correct link. Any suggestion/comment?



Please Specify URL of Blog Using “Chrome Template”


Robin Singh


Please, provide the URL of your blog. So we can check what is the sean behind it.


you are getting that errors because you removed the credit link from the template find link inside the template and remove it


sorry for late reply and thanks.


it;s not error but when first time visitor visit my blog and click the link inside article, the ads pop up come out.



Do You want to remove all ads from your template. if yes, Let me know.


Robin Singh


Just go to template’s edit HTML section and click anywhere in coding,

Now press Ctrl+f and type ADSBY and you will see Google adsense ads (if the creator added)

If you have any other platform’s ads, then you can search like this:

For ads ADF For MEDIA

and like that, its simple na?


anybody can tell me how to remove clicksor and bidvertiser ads from my blog i forgot where i pasted the code plz help me