How To Filter blogger posts by user or author?


hi guys, is there a way to filter blog post by certain user? i mean using the url. and yes, i have search everywhere for solution, just couldn’t find it so i am here instead of stackoverflow haha.

in dynamic view, flipcard view, you can see in the author group, they filter the blogpost by user. but i need it in regular template.

if it can be solved using script that can work too i guess.

if there is none, then i will solve this using tag.


I guess… these pages can be created by using conditional tags. So that we will create a page for each author and code it like a normal page and use conditional tags for showing only post by a particular author. This can be done in the way as some time ago MBT had released author box that shows different description and author name according to post authors.


thanks for the reply. what i mean is, when you have this url example “/search/label/term” it will filter to display on the label “term”. but what i want is user, i wanted to display blogpost made by a user, is there a url for it?


Unfortunately currently that is not possible in blogger unless you create a tag for each author as you mentioned. Blogger posts can be fetched only via labels or search string. I did mentioned some search feed techniques which you can read but passing the author name as a search string does not display correct results. Therefore you can try out the label method.

:link: 17 Best Search Techniques in Blogger


Hello @Chelyz_Marx,@Mohammad Is Saying Correct What You Can Do Is Make A Label In Blogger With Author Link And Then Add A Link To It On Your Home Page.

Hope This Works For You :smile:


haha okay. i guess i’ll use label instead. thanks for the help guys :smiley: