How to Extracting mp3 url via JSON?


Dear MBT, I’m regular visitor of MBT. Few days ago I’ve read post Title “Display Recent Posts With Third-Party Thumbnails Support”. its really helpful for my mp3 download site. Is there is any way to Extracting mp3 url from content via JSON as like Third-Party Thumbnails? Please Help me. if possible it will very helpful for me.

Thanks MBT


Unfortunately Yes it is possible,

But you have to customize the code. @technohalf has help me to do so

There is no such thing available in Internet.


Can U Please Give Me The Code?? Plz Friend


Previously I am using a video site and now I have no site or that template. So I am asking help of @technohalf to help you


Tnx Frnd. I’ve Solved My Problem By My Self.