How to enable sidebars in mobile view


Hello Brother, I am just find your site. I am happy to find out this blogger help forum. I am new to blogging world. Please guide me.

I just created a new blog before a week by blogger. I created the blog with customized sora templates. I am using the sora sight template- free version. I am have no knowledge html and coding languages. Please guide me according to my knowledge.

I want to know how to add sidebars in mobile view. In desktop view the sidebars are functionally working, But In mobile view the side bars are not shown. I enabled the mobile view to my blog. How to enable sidebars in mobile template? and also want to know http or https redirect setting which is best to choose?

Please Help me.


To enable a sidebar gadget on mobile view go to Edit Template>> Search for the widget >> add mobile=‘yes’ code just after locked=‘false’


I tried this mobile=‘yes’ code but it does not works. Please suggest me other way. I have sora sight template. Help me


Did you select mobile template to Custom in template setting?