How to Eliminate The Render Blocking Java-script From My Blogspot Blog?


Hello my MybloggerTricks Friends …
I am here to ask a Question related to Page Speed Insight service of Google . Can anyone tell me “How to Eliminate The Render Blocking Java-Script From My Blog”

<br By Eliminating Them i can Improve my Page Score


Hello @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC First Render Blocking Javascript means the javascripts that are unable by browsers to catch so the page takes more time to get loaded. As Far To Remove It Find The Code Lines Which Are Given In This Image and then search it in your template and remove it then i hope your problem will be solved because few days ago this type of message was coming on my blog also then i removed these codes and my page speed decreased from 9 to 5 !!!.

Hope Your Problem Gets Solved…


@ngtechzone If i remove all those codes from my blog … My blog will loss control … Each and every java-script have their own functions … Is there is any other solutions ?..!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please Give Me Your Blog Url First.

Now I Think You Should Try to change your template.

This Generally Happens DueTo Changing Of Templates while simple blogger templates don’t have this problem.

Now Your Problem Will Be Solved.


@ngtechzone … Check your self and tell me …


I checked your site the problem is happening due to template so change it immediately


@ngtechzone while i checked your Template Site … You have also the same problem … Then why did’t you changed the template ? … Also the the Java-Script on my template is for showing Syntax Highlighter , For Showing Next and Previous Post , Etc .


@ngtechzone your site score is toooooo low than me … Because of many problem … I got a screenshot for you .

I know for everything there is a solution . There is no need of changing template . The Question that i asked here was to eliminate the Java-Script . You know it is very hard to extract all Java-Script directly to the template .

How to remove the render blocking Javascript and CSS in the above the fold content?

I already said this to another comment. You have to do several work for this problem. First you have to minify your all existing javascript or css code. Just search on google javascript or css minify you will find tons of free tool. Secondly you have to use the asynchronous version of any javascript or css code. Thirdly you have to remove blogger default css and javascript bundle. Fourthly you have to compress image before uploading via photo compressing free online tool and also have to compress the existing pictures you uploaded.