How to Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above the fold content?


How to fix this in my blogger blog? my page speed on desktop is 44/100 please help me @Mohammad so that i could increase my page speed.

This is my blog Url BLOG Thanks in advance.


You can easily do this. Just open the javascript that is in pagespeed then copy all the content. Then, go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript and then, paste all the code under <script></script> and the save it and at last, remove the javascript url from your template html. :smile:


Hi I want to do this. I’ve downloaded the optimized javascript from pagespeed insights but there are lots of files. Which one should I copy and paste in a html/javascript gadget?


I hope we can’t do it on every Java-script … Some Java-script code’s may have connection to their hosted server and that may be without full url address .


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You have to do several work for this problem. First you have to minify your all existing javascript or css code. Just search on google javascript or css minify you will find tons of free tool. Secondly you have to use the asynchronous version of any javascript or css code. Thirdly you have to remove blogger default css and javascript bundle. Fourthly you have to compress image before uploading via photo compressing free online tool and also have to compress the existing pictures you uploaded.


Hi I am using thirdparty document tool which is blocked at the time of rendering. Please advice solution to the problem.