How to edit SEO friendly h1, h2 headings in blogger blog posts


whenever i check my blog posts SEO, they say h1 is empty, h1=2 and h2=5 details

H1 empty

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how to avoid this first empty H1, and how to customize SEO friendly h1, h2 headings in blogger blog posts? last 4 h2 headings are side widgets titles.


Most of blogger default template use h1 tags on header, and h2 tags on post/page title. Your template also look same, but you are using multiple h1 tag in your site.

Simple solution: Go to template > edit html > press ctrl+f to find code > search for <h1 tag, without closing it, and now you will find out this header code div id='header-inner , so remove h1 tag from that header class.


Dear Arjunsinh_Chauhan, I couldn’t find

h1 tag

by ctrl+f method but found id='header-inner at so many places, I am confused about removing h1 tag, what is mean by h1 tag

, I couldn’t find

h1 tag as such and saw h1, at many places, please told me exact words which i have to remove. thanks


Do not search whole <h1> tag, search it without closing brackets <h1 like this. If you found multiple header class, then look out closely, you will surely found there h1 tag with it’s class name.

Hope it clear now.


Thanks Dear Arjunsinh_Chauhan, I search h1 and remove h1 opening and ending tag, it works for me.


Great, I have check your blog again, and look’s everything is good now :slight_smile:


Dear Arjunsinh_Chauhan, I am also running another blog Today I check SEO of its recent post, It is like this
h1=0, h2=6, h3=1, h4=4, h5=0 and h6=0,

I don’t know what should be ideal, as it is saying it should be corrected, plase guide me, ho to correct it, thaks