How to earn more using AdSense?


Good morning friends,

I am not happy with my earning with ad sense because yesterday my page is 200 and I got 9 clicks in india. but only got 0.95 cent only. I am not on adsense earn like that I am thinking now what I should do now.

Should I quit SEO or doing something else? Please guide


Hello Yunus!

Firstly why you are talking about quitting SEO? If you will then most probably you will never earn enough. To make decent earnings through adsense these are the following steps which you have to take:-

  • Use Recommended ad units.
  • Place adsense ads where there is the most tendency to be seen.
  • Place adsense ads in the part where you get more impressions.
  • Use correct ads placements for better impressions and to gain more clicks.
  • Use text and only ads both.
  • Don’t congest ads in one place try to place them by leaving enough space.
  • Place at most three ads and try to add ads beside the header,in sidebar or above/below posts or inside the posts.

and be sure to check your site health and some other demographics right from the adsense dashboard itself!


Hi @Yunus_Khan, Before Starting to do something to increase your Earnings, Let me tell you how Adsense’s CPC and CTR Works.

CPC is the Cost Per Click paid to you by Adsense for each Click CTR is the Percentage of Visitors clicking on the Ads out of 100.

Now You should have to check that which is low for you!

TO Boost CTR you can place the ad on your websites Hotspots, like in Headers on on the top of Sidebar

To Improve the CPC Choose a good niche, Use Internal Linking, Use Good Keywords.

Don’t Even Force User to Click on Your Ad’s Otherwise all is in vain.

Take a Look on this Post, Hope this will also help: Secret Tricks to Get Adsense Approved in 2015

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Thank you very much my friend for share.