How to earn from buysellads website?


I am yunus and I am new to blogger and also to SEO. Currently My website daily page view in only around 120 to 200 and I want to increase traffic and also earn money. I heard and read about buysellads but don’t know more about that so how could I increase traffic from buysellads website and how much it will cost me?

Thank you in advance


Hello @Yunus_Khan Are You Talking About How To Advertise On BSA because this is the only was from which you can increase your traffic Or You Want to earn money from it??? :frowning:


both want to increase traffic or earn money


Look If You Want to increase your traffic then you need to advertise on websites using BSA Like MBT And If You WAN TO EARN MONEY IT IS very difficult because its approval is very difficult and it requires at leats 35,000 visits per month. :smile:


Be an Advertiser where you can Advertise Your Website that may Costs… Be an Publisher where you can Put some ads on your website and You can Earn Money but it Requires Approval which is too hard