How To Do SEO On Blogger To Get Organic Traffic?


Hello all.I am new to blogging on blogger;My question is-How can I make my Blogger blog SEO friendly to rank for organic Keywords and get traffic from google?.I understand how hard it can be on blogger to rank for keywords when compared to wordpress where there is a plugin for everything…So Pro-bloggers in the house on bloggers platform-How do you do this?



use keywords in Blog Post OR Use your keyword in Title or h1 tag. it will help you


Good Quition

Want to increase your organic traffic

so first thing do you need to know-

  1. search your Targeted keyword 2.include your keyword on tittle heading and meta description 3.Make seo freindly url 4.use atleast 3 or 5 keyword in one post 5.Add your keyword on your first 100 word
  2. writte 10 time better content for you visitor 7.make a good desing of your post

do on-page seo and of page seo make backlink you can learn full seo tutorials visiite- and search my blog on google - hownetinfo this is not promotion only help



Meta tags meta description ,h1 & h2 heading, alt img, internal linking, use keyword in 3-5 time in post etc


Thanks Guys for discussion. It will help to all


I am doing these all steps but my ranking is not growing


First, take some patience to get organic traffic use some plagiarism checking tools for your content and try to use original images on your blog, share your blog on other social media, do it same at least 4-month regular basis…! Thanks


You can delivered traffic to use category wise forum discussion posting or joining forum discussion.


Please share your Personal Strategy for Increase Organic Traffic.

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Step #1: Ask questions in your post

“What do you do for a living?”

“Where do you work?”

Have you ever noticed that most conversations between strangers begin with a question? Questions and answers are the hallmark of social living.

They’re also paramount to increasing organic traffic.

Step #2: Research about your keywords.

You can use tools like Google Keyword Research, Small SEO Tools and ahref for keyword research.

Step #3: Look for the best Headlines

Billions of people are on the internet. You can draw readers in with your headline or lose them.

Step #4: Write unique content

Research your topic and write with a different angle. Make it unique and shareable.