How to Do Keyword Research? and Suggest Some Keywords for my Niche!


Can somebody tell me that How to do Keyword Research and also What are the Best Keywords for a Sports Blog, Which provides information about different Cricket and Football matches! The Titles of my blog to help you answering me are likely

Chelsea V Arsenal 13/4/15 Soccer match Preview

Pakistan V Bangladesh T20 Match Information 14/4/2015

These are only Examples, not the Original titles!


@prince The best keyword for your niche is “Live Cricket Score” “Live Football Score” Etc


the best strategy for keywords research is to list down 5 of your competitors and then find out for what keywords are they ranking high. You can use Open Site Explorer from SEOmoz and SEMRUSH for doing the free keyword research for upto 10 keywords. You don’t need anything else

I also strongly advise to use Google Keyword Planner for finding keywords that are commonly typed and searched.

It is not wise to ask for keyword ideas because the research work requires at least 30 minites and only you can dedicate this time sincerely because you know your niche and competitors well.


Thanka a lot Mohammad for such a good answer!