How To display Posts List with Thumbnails and Summary using Labels?


Hey @Mohammad, Actually I have just learned HTML and CSS by the help of W3Schools but I am working on my PHP and Javascript skills. And now I am trying to create a blogger theme, I have managed to customize header, body and footer but there is something in which I am still struggling.

Actually I want to edit post’s feed which appear on the homepage. I mean the articles which appear on the homepage. I want them to appear into two different columns

Or I should ask that how I can edit the post feeds which appear on the homepage. I have managed to edit main-wrapper, sidebar, header and footer but I cannot identify any class or id for the content or post feeds which appear in main-wrapper area.

I also want to add another sidebar in my template, Can you please tell me that what should I do to achieve this task. Sorry for not explaining my query correctly, I hope you will understand.


@Mohammad , I need some quick response. Please reply shortly.


What you are asking for is displaying a list of posts by retrieving it from blog Feed using Blogger JSON API. The JSON API helps you parse your feed data and retrieve data from it which includes

  1. Blog Title
  2. Summary snippet
  3. Thumbnail Image
  4. Time-stamp
  5. Comments Count

It is a method which my friend Aneesh Joseph of shared and then many developers kept on using his script without even giving credits so I will share this technique with bloggers very soon. Give me some time till then


And can you please tell me that how I can a sidebar on left side of the blog?