How To Display Posts By Label On Blogger Homepage?


Hello Friends,

I am new to blogger and to this forum too.

I just started a blog on blogger, and upload a template. But facing some problems on home page.

I want to show post label wise in home page, as in show in the demo template. But don’t know how to do that. I want to show post in Bollywood, Music, Games, Travel category as in demo template.

Here is the link of my blog:

Link of the demo template:

Kindly suggest me that how I can show the post in my blog as shown in the demo template.



First of all welcome to the Blogger Help Forum @Yavan.

Its very easy to customize your template.

Just go to the layout section in blogger. There you’ll find different widgets/gadgets named as Bollywood, Movies, Business etc. If you want the these sections should contain the corresponding labled posts. Then you have to just click on the edit widget button and write down the name of the label in the content area(case sensitive) and save it.

Like if you want the under Movies section the posts labeled as “Mov” should appear, then edit the Movies widget and in the content area write Mov and then save the widget, and you are done.

If you want to change the name of the section; like from Movies to Games then just simply change the name of the widget from “Movies” to “Games”.

If you still want any futher help you can ask me.

Happy Blogging!


@NamanKumar Thanks for your suggestion…

My problem is solved :slight_smile:


Hi @Yavan, I am dropping in since you sent me an e-mail to visit this topic. I am glad to hear that your problem was solved. Looks like @NamanKumar was proactive here.


P.S. Changed the topic title.


You are always welcome @Yavan . Keep asking questions here on this forum and give us chance to help you. :smile:

Happy Blogging!