How to display infographics in blogger not pixelated


When i try to upload and display on my blog an infographic (image with a big height), it is always pixelated because of the size (especially the height). I tried many things and the only way i found is to host the images in a thord party service and embed them in the blog. But i would prefer if all my images are hosted in the same place (picassa) Is there a way to display such pictures not pixelated on my blog using the usual upload option?

Thx for the help


Could you share an image which is pixelated when uploaded to Blogger and looks fine when uploaded to a third party image hosting ?


upload to flickr this is the solution most probably but be sure to get your speed lower…


That is what i think about the impact on the loading speed… That’s why i’m looking for another solution to display images with big height using the native Blogger system.


that is not possible,blogger will compress it at any cost.